Saturday, August 20, 2005

Our new baby pics

Here she is! Our newest baby. Isn't she just the cutest little one?
Sophie is only 7weeks old.

Our new baby!

After this unsettling week, we have a new baby at our house! DS2 saw a sign yesterday when he was driving home from work and stopped to talk to the owners. He had them come over to the house with 3 beautiful little babies....And today DD2 and I went over to make a deal and bring one home to stay! take a look at our new baby.
Her name is Sophie and she's a purebred Pug only 7 weeks old. So now while I'm home recuperating, I've got a new baby to house train. So far, she's doing very well. She's very social and likes lots of attention and kisses. The current resident dog, Tux and cat, Lucy aren't really sure just what to make of her. Tux didn't appreciate that it was bath day either! Sophie had her first bath in the bathroom sink. She's so tiny that there was a lot of extra room even in there! She wasn't sure that she liked the water or soap but didn't mind the pedicure.

long time to post

I've been away for a while. The summer has passed us by this year. Dh has been very busy with the garden and since so many things come in at once...I'm busy canning the produce. Today DD 2 and I canned 10 quarts of fresh tomatoes...they sure will taste good come winter DH and DD2 did all the heavy part, lifting around the pots of hot water... I did the tomato peeling and cutting and filling of the jars.. Part of the busy-ness has been surgeries...planned and unplanned.
DD2 had her foot operated on to take off a cyst from the back of her's healing but slowly. She has stitches that still need to come out, hopefully next week.
I had an unplanned apendectomy last Monday. So I'm off work for at least a week and maybe more. but on the bright side, I'm getting a lot of knitting time!
I finished a baby sweater set and started another. This time I'm using the Precious Layettes pattern from Leisure Arts instead of the hood zip that I usually use for gifts.