Friday, February 24, 2006

You Are Kermit
Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

Life is happening...but no new pics

Life goes on....we got the new furnace in and it's wonderfully warm now.
I've been knitting a bit, but no new pics yet. Probably I'll have some after the weekend. I had 4 more tteth filled yesterday, so my jaw and mouth are still really sore. But I had to work today...Can't wait til bedtime when I can take more pain killer and go to sleep.
Most of the family has been sick all week and now my little Birdie has it too. So most of this evening has been sitting cuddling with a sick baby. Poor little tyke has a runny nose and fever...just not feeling well. He keeps trying to get down to play, but feels so bad that he falls into things and keeps getting bumped. So he's sitting on Mammam 's lap with his blankie just waiting til his mama gets off work to go home.
I've added a new tag to the sidebar on the right. I really like this scripture tag.
Knit on

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

project CLOG completion

Well...I had a little time and a lot of here's the completed felted clogs.

Pre felting, they look like they'd fit a giant wearing flippers!

Post felting, they actually fit the feet that they're made for.
The recipient is my DD 1, She had to try them on as they were shrinking...some of the comments...
OOOOhhh. they're yucky feeling, wet and slimy! Will they really shrink enough? remember to take them out, mom....don't want them too small...When can I wear them?
YEAH! I like the last one best! They currently sitting on the kitchen table with newspaper stuffed inside to help them dry.
It may take a little longer because the appliance saga, the FURNACE has gone out! Late last nite, DH realized it was getting awfully cold in the house and when it wouldn't turn on he went to check the pilot light in the furnace. He wasn't able to relight it so at 2am he came to wake me to ask if I would call someone...well...who's going to come at that time of nite????
So at 7 am I was on the phone with the furnace man. The house didn't get too terribly cold. I had my gas oven on high and a space heater. The furnace man came around 11 am and re lite the pilot and changed a part...but about 1/2 hr was cold again in the house...and guess what??? NO PILOT again.
So he came back and said we need to change the furnace. They'll install one tomorrow.
I'm glad it's not in the single digits and windy...or my house would be very cold now.
OH>>>WELL>>>>life goes on as usual
Knit on thru ALL crisises....

Friday, February 17, 2006

NEW pics and New projects

I've been a very busy knitter....just can't resist starting new projects...even without completing the already in progress ones...tho I've been good...I'm still working on the WIP's.
Here's some new pics. First, the continued saga of the 2 Sticks...I've got the back stitches picked up now. and started to work the patterns. They're worked to the underarm then I'll pick up the fronts again and join under the arms to work the body.

Next, I've turned the heel of the entrelac sock. This is a bit of a variation from the pattern as written. I don't like the afterthot heel, so I'm turning the heel now and then continuing as if I had used a waste yarn line to hold the heel sts. I will return to the entrelac blocs for the foot part as written in the pattern. It looks a bit funny in the pic, because there's no way to hold the heel open as it will on my foot and still take a good pic.

AND next....I've started a NEW project. I needed a pair of felt clogs for a gift to someone who just won't keep her socks on. So for the last few days, I've been trying to purchase the Fiber trend clog pattern. I found it yesterday and started right in! I'm using Galway wool since I know how well that will felt. Pink is her current favorite color so these had to be PINK!...doesn't it just scream PINK!!! I showed them to her last nite and she was thrilled...says Hurry up so I can wear them! Don't worry...her feet ARE NOT this big...they will shrink up wonderfully and actually fit when done....right now they look like BIG foot clogs. and you'd think she wore about a size 25 shoe. NO, she's not 8 ft tall with that big of feet.

Last but not least...I will be hosting an afghan along on Knit and Chat using the Knitter's pattern for the GREAT AMERICAN ARAN AFGHAN.
If you'd like to join us in the knitting...come over and check it out. Of course, I'll be posting my pics along the way. So stop back and enjoy the show.

And NOW>>>an update on the electric issues...yesterday...I killed the coffee maker...wouldn't turn on to make the coffee...and ALSO killed my alarm clock, couldn't set the time last nite...I think I will go back to no may be safer!
Knit on thru all crisises.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Entrelac socks info

For some dumb reason, I'm unable to reply to comments thru my email. So this is for all of you who emailed me with questions on the socks.
The yarn I used in the Entrelac socks is called Regia, it's a Ringel color. this particular color is #5048 63151 The back of the label says Farbe Partie. It's called Clown.
You can buy it here
but I'm in the US and the Canadian shipping was a little high. That's why I had my friend find it for me.
the pattern that I'm using is from Knitter's magazine # K75 Summer 2004. The issue is still available here
The patten is called A Step Above
I hope this answers all the questions. Thanks for visiting. Please keep commenting...and check back here for the reply. If you email me thru your own regular program and not Blogger...Then I can reply directly.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I had to catch up with loading my pics here today.
Here's the FLAK. It's now done down to the armholes on both back and fronts. Now, I'll wait for the next installment.

Here's a pic of the entrelac socks that I'm working with Clown Ringle. Purchased from my friend Marja...check out her shop at
and here's a new Sophie pic...a face only a momma could love!

So until next time...Knit on thru all crisises.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Outlet fires and frayed wires...WARNING

We had a minor emergency last night at my house. It seems that an old lamp had a bad wire. GS had been playing under the table that this lamp was on for a few days. We would always move him and tell him "NO". Well last nite when he was going under the table I asked DD2 to unplug the lamp and move it away from him. When she reached for the wire, it zapped her hand and it sparked and fire flew out of the outlet. She jumped back and screamed and of course GS screamed. So I reached for it to unplug it quickly. The the fire really came out! It broke the one plug metal off inside the outlet and burned the wall for about 6 " around it. The fire stopped but with the metal still in there, I was really worried that it would start up again. So while DD2 watched the outlet, I tried to figure out what to do. couldn't find a flashlight, didn't know what fuse to pull to cut the power. DH wasn't home...I didn't want to call the fire company, with 10 trucks and 30 volunteers on a snowy Saturday nite....I ended up calling a man from church who happens to be a fire chief in town. He was wonderful, he came right over and checked it out and took apart the outlet for me. He said we were very fortunate...the wall could have been burning inside because the outlet was still "hot" meaning had current in it. It never set off my smoke alarm...because there wasn't a lot of just had fire spitting out of the outlet.
MORAL of the story...have flashlights ready for emergencies...check your lamps and wires regularly for breaks or frays. AND know where the fuse or breaker box is and which one runs which rooms.
I'm so thankful that my GS didn't pull that cord and get zapped really bad and my DD is fine. she had a tingly arm for a while. so this morning I went and bought new smoke alarms and flashlights.
Knit on thru ALL crisises

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm baaaaaack.....

It's SO FAST!!!! We upgraded to cable internet yesterday. DS1 was up very late getting everything working . There are still cables strung in places they are not to stay permanently....but WOW! this is so fast!
I'm very impressed with the speed and connection. I even feel very computer smart this morning...I actually managed to set up the email by myself!
this is really impressive since I didn't have directions!
I haven't taken any new pics of my FLAK but it's coming along. I'm working on the 2 fronts together. So later this week I'll probably get it finished down to the underarm part and then I'll get some new pics up.
for will have to be happy with a new puggie pic. Sophie is now 7 months old...the cat (Lucy..tho she's a he...male cat with a dumb name) is 4 yrs old...The cat is about 22 lbs. So he really outweighs the puggie. But they run and chase each other all day. This pic is one of the few times they're sitting still....The puggie was trying to get the cat going again...and needless to didn't take much!

Thursday, February 09, 2006 in general..internet changes FLAK is progressing nicely, I've got the fronts cast on. I'm doing a cardi with a rounded neck and working both fronts at once. I've got about 2 inches below all the increases. So that means about 7 more inches til I hit the armhole depth.
Second...LOREN...I still can't get the email to go to you for the Thompson aran book. It keeps coming back as undeliverable. If you 're on the FLAK site, try to send me a post there. for some reason Blogger doesn't let me reply. I can't even get it to go in my regular Outlook program.
Third...thanks to all of you who prayed for my teeth removal and dental visit. I had a really hard time even going to the office on Tuesday. I had my CD player turned way up and a little beanie baby chicken to squeeze...and even so as I sat in the office....tears were streaming down my face, I was so upset. Even after taking the meds to help keep calm. Dh just sat and held my hand. I'm so thankful he was there. The removal wasn't too bad. My mouth is still a bit sore. but it's healing nicely. I do have to go back again for more fillings...but that should be a little easier.
Fourth....I had DD2 to the ER last nite with lower abdomen pain. Thot it was her appendix...but thankfully not. We spent about 4 hours in the ER...I got most of an entrelac sock knitted while I sat and waited. She's currently home and in bed to take it easy for a few days and then recheck at the dr. Please remember to pray for Caiti.
Fifth...and very important....I'm changing my internet to cable I may not be on the puter til after the weekend until they get all the new wires and programming done. So if you try to email me....don't think I'm ignoring you....I'll be back real soon.
I just hope that I can get all my groups and such changed over to the new email quickly and don't lose anyone.
When I get back, I'll get some pics posted. They will load much faster on cable internet than they do on this dial up.
Knit on thru ALL crisises.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Email me and Flak and teeth

For some reason, the wonderful people that are commenting are not receiving my replies. I've been trying to reply to each of you that are posting comments. But the email is just being returned to me. :( this is so sad!
I'm trying to reach Loren concerning the Gladys Thompson Book but the email is saying "annonymous unable to reply"
Please Loren, if you're out there, email me thru your regular email program.
I've got my Flak back done just in time to start the next part which came out this morning. I don't think I'll get to it tonite tho.
Please remember to pray for me tomorrow...I'm getting a tooth pulled and I'm very stressed about it all. So today, I'm keeping very busy cleaning up and doing laundry so that dear hubby won't have to do it later this week.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Book sale!

I have been clearing out some of my books and I'm offering some for sale. Price includes shipping to continental US...if you're somewhere else...let me know and we'll talk. All are very good to new condition.
1. Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans by Gladys Thompson $10.00
This book has patterns and lots of pictures of cables and fisherman type sweaters
2. Two Sticks and a String by Kerry Ferguson $22
This is the book with the pattern for the 2 sticks aran that is on my blog. It also has many other patterns. But only one other aran.
3. A Close Knit Family by Melissa Leapman $15
Family sweaters...similar, not identical lots of styles and sizes. nice pics
There will be more, I'm still digging in the book bins.
Email me if you're interested. I'll accept money order by mail. and mail them out as soon as received.

I like my dentist...but I HATE dentists...

I just started to go to a new dentist because the dental insurance at work is only taken by certain offices. I went last week to have a toothache checked out. and let's just say...I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST! I have a bunch of work needed to be done but here's the problem
I need to have a tooth pulled and some cavities filled in February. I'm so "dental phobic" I can hardly even go for checkups. I had to take a little stuffed hippo with me to keep squeezing. Poor hippo...has nearly no fur left after just xrays and a checkup. They gave me tranquilizers to take before I go to the pulling. I'm already stressing and it's not til next week. I remember the head phones idea from when my kids went yrs ago. The dentist was fairly young and new...and he used it in his office.That was the first I ever heard of it. He had tapes and headphones to borrow for the kids so they wouldn't hear the drilling and filling. I'll be buying a cd player and some relaxing music tomorrow for my visit. Please pray for me...since I know it will be really hard for me to actually go thru with the work that I need to have done. I think it was easier for me to go have my appendix out and go for an overnite in hospital heart check than it is to go to this appt. I wasn't nearly as stressed as I am now.
The new dentist and all the assistants and everyone in the office seemed really nice and my insurance will be paying for most of it. But I still have to actually GO and have it done. PLEASE...please remember me to help me be calm and get this work done. I think I need more yarn today...and tomorrow...and maybe even the next day..just to hold and comfort me. As it gets closer and closer...I'm stressing more and more....the knitting will help...
Here's the prescription:3 times daily....
take 4 antibiotic and LOTS AND LOTS of wool ...and wait for the dental appointment on Tuesday. Knit on thru all crisises...(and In MY mind...this is surely one of them)

Progress on Sticks and Flak and life in general

I've been working hard on the 2 Sticks Aran. So far, I've completed the fronts down to the armholes. Now, I'll hold them on strings and work the back to the same depth. The color isn't true to life on here tho. It's a gray/ green color that is really pretty. But the photo looks very dark gray. I like the texture of the Encore at this gauge. It's solid, but not too heavy. The cream colored SOA that I did earlier in my blog, is also Encore. But it's knit at a bigger gauge and it's a bit more soft and loose. I plan to use this 2 Sticks as a jacket in the spring, so the tighter fabric will be welcome.

I've also been working on the FLAK. I'm not quite finished with the back but here's a picture anyway. I think I saw on the posts that the next part will come out on Saturday, so I'm trying to get this done this week and be ready to move on to the front. I'm thinking it will be a cardigan so I plan to knit the fronts a bit differently. I'll probably remove the center horseshoe to make the front bands. I saw someone post that they're making a V neck. I'm hoping there are instructions for a regular neck, since I don't wear V's. I'll just have to wait and see. I'm so pleased with the cables that Janet chose for this project. They're very easy to memorize and not have to keep watching a pattern. The only thing that I changed from her design, was that I didn't do the wave cable, I just kept turning the 6 st rope in the same direction to make it a regular rope cable. Since I'm already doing the double wave on my 2 sticks aran, I didn't want them to look too similar. I think the white is turning out very nicely. I did have a bit of trouble thinking I wanted a color instead...but there's always the next one for that!...yep...already thinking ahead to the NEXT aran.....they're like potato chips...can't make just one!

On the home front...Birdie is getting 2 upper molars...and he's been a miserable little fellow the last few days....I almost wish that babies came with dentures or full teeth! It sure would save a lot of fussing. And poor DH has been sick all week with a stomach bug. This time he's been down for quite a few days. Thankfully , no one else has gotten it.

High school Softball practise has started inside for DD2. She's a sophmore this yr and played on the JV team last yr. Since the coach from last year retired, they got a new head coach, and she's been working them hard right from the start. On Tuesday they started using exercises called Biometrics to help build endurence and strength. This involves a lot of "jumping around" as DD2 says. They jump rope...then jump over cones...then jump steps ...then jump onto things in higher and higher successions. She thot she was in good shape until she met up with these exercises! They really whooped her good! Poor little girly...she can hardly move even this morning. Thankfully, she said, the coach only plans for them to do the exercises once a week. She said a lot of girls came out to the first weeks practises...we'll see how many last thru the hard stuff until they actually see who will make the team in a few weeks.

knit on thru all crisises.