Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Here are the FO pics after several tries to upload them.

Finished projects

I've been busy finishing things so that I can start others!
Here are some of the recent photos.
The purse is Paton's Wool with A furry yarn trim called Envy.
The afghan is Red Heart worked with double yarn for warmth at football and band competitions. Here in the Northeast, It's awful cold to sit on metal bleachers to watch these events at nite..
The little pumpkin hat is a quick work in Red Heart. But for future reference...this little pumpkin HEAD...needs ear flaps on his hats...he keeps pulling it off. I'm not sure if the dog wants to wear it or eat it!
She's actually a very friendly dog. She's nearly 8 yrs old and very mild with the baby. Tho she's a good watchdog and protects the house too.
And finally, my finished Mosaic socks from the SixSox Knitalong on Yahoo. This is a fun pattern and I've ordered yarn in different colors to do it again.
I'm still working on several other things..so watch this space for more FO's.