Thursday, January 27, 2011

New pattern! SockMonkeyHoodedBabySweater

I’ve just released a new pattern on my Ravelry site. It’s called SockMonkeyHoodedBabySweater. Photo0367_001 It’s a zip back cardigan for 9-12 month size. I’ve been knitting this sweater for over 30 yrs and it’s always a favorite baby gift. I’ve done them in a lot of different colors and styles but this is the first that I’ve released the pattern for sale. $5 for the pdf download. As always, if you don’t have a Ravelry site, email me and you can purchase with paypal. Til next time, keep knitting.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Having a sale! Hurry and take a look

I’m having a sale for the new year (yes, I’m late as usual). Those of you who know me…know that my kids call me the Queen of Procrastinators! I’m usually slightly late even tho I set all the clocks in my house 10 minutes fast. I just re-calculate the time in my head and I’m still late. but anyway. I wanted to get this started a few weeks ago. I have patterns for sale over on Ravelry.   The special sale is from JANUARY 25 TIL FEBRUARY 8, 2011.   Buy any 2 patterns and get another free.  I’m going to try to have a few sales this year and get some more patterns written. I’ve been struggling with tendonitis in both of my elbows so my yarn work has been cut to a bare minimum. My doc said she could take me off work for a while, but who can really afford that??? so I’m wearing splints as often as I’m able and dealing with the pain. but back to the sale…If you buy any 2 of my patterns you will get one free (the lowest cost one will be the freebie). don’t worry if you don’t have a ravelry account. you can email me and pay with paypal. I will email the patterns to you in pdf and you will still get the free one. so take a look at what I’ve got. there are some really nice seasonal doilies that are quick to make for St Patricks Day and Easter. Or maybe there’s a new baby coming in your family. Thanks for looking, til next time, keep knitting….Dee    email @ lamsieATptdprologDOTnet