Saturday, March 25, 2006

little knitting

I've been a slacker on my blog. I've been doing some little knitting but not posting much.
I'm plugging away on the sleeves of my FLAK, but not far enough to have a new pic yet.
I finished two dishcloth samples for the monthly dishcloth project on Knit and the link and go check out this forum. I think it's the best on the web. Friendly, experienced and inexperienced knitters. Lots of patterns and links and many KAL and other projects on the go all the time.
I finally finished my Entrelac socks. They feel wonderful on my feet! The entrelac stretches in different directions all over the sock so they feel nice and snug but not too tight. I also made these a little higher than I usually do. I'm finding that my calfs get so cold sitting at ball games. Tho I did not make them quite as high as the pattern called for...I was afraid that I'd run out of yarn if I did. Good thing too....I only have a little bit left...certainly not enough to have made another round on both socks.
The yarn is Regia Clown knit on size 1's.
I'm sad some of you know...I work in a nursing home in a mostly AZ unit. One of my favorite ladies is very sick and probably won't make it thru the weekend. I'm off this weekend but she's still very much in my thots. It's a case of wishing I were there and being sort of glad that I'm not. If you think of it...send up a prayer for Emily. She's lived there a very long time ( over 13 yrs) and is very old, so in lots of ways..she's ready and it will be a blessing to her to pass. But I know we'll all miss her very much in the unit.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring is springing!

I've been up early this morning...and have a lot done already. This is what I saw first thing . Oh what a beautiful sunrise!
Yesterday, I told DD to watch along the way to the bus...that I was hearing birds singing...This morning, guess who's sitting on the wire???
Yep...the first robin that I've seen this yr. YEEEEs....spring is definately springing...Keep watching for birdie I start to see a variety at my feeder, I try to post pics of them. I get quite a good variety here...I think some are just passing thru.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Knitting away

I've been busy knitting but just haven't had time to post since I had to work this weekend.
I worked on the second entrelac sock. It's really hard to take a pic of entrelac like this. I've got the 2n'd round done. The first sock was so lonely sitting in the bag with just a ball of yarn for company!
Now they can sit together and keep each other company.

Next, progress on my FLAK, I've got the sleeves joined into the round and I was working on 2 circulars together the way you can do socks. BUT,,,ran into trouble when I tried to decrease and found that the stitch that had to go was on the other side of the wrong needle...AAAAAAARGH. So now the sleeves are again on seperate circs and waiting til I get over the angst and work on it again. I know I can do them seperately...but I'm always looking for a shortcut...maybe there aren't any in arans!
Here's the back of the 2 Sticks Aran. It had a different diamond in the middle than the fronts did. I'm enjoying the crossing cables on the sides. The trinity has been good practise for the next project.
NEXT PROJECT!!! yes, of course, I've cast on another! Did you think I wouldn't???
Here's the start of my Great American Aran Afghan for the Knit and Chat Forum on Delphi. I'm hosting this great group of knitter's as we work on the pattern together. We're knitting any square that strikes your fancy, tho as a group we can ask and get help from each other. And it's a lot easier to keep on task , if someone is asking how you're doing and what square you're working on. I'm using Encore in Blues and Greens. This is the Ginette Balanger square.
Knit on...and always cast on more!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ufo's and FO'S or Before I start another Project

I'm trying to finish up some of the things in my bag before I start the Great American Aran Afghan Along on Knit and Chat. This is really hard for me...since I like to start new projects. But I know that I must...when the knitting bag is overflowing and there are other bags surrounding it...then DH you really need all this here right now????
YES!!! I really DO need all of that there! See this project is for So and SO ...and that is for SO and SO....see? I really do need it all!
Then Why do we have to go to the LYS??? Well....see there's this new project that I want to start...
No....I did need to finish something first. So here's what I did...
I finished this baby sweater for a gift at church. The shower for baby Dorothea was on Saturday and I gave the little hat and a "promise" of a sweater since I was behind on finishing it. Now it can be delivered.
I used a light pink acrylic and a ribbon strand together for the hat and yoke of the sweater. The hat is more of the true coloring.
It is the Precious Layette pattern from Leisure Arts. I like this pattern because it's made all in one seam to sew. And it works up quickly. There are 4 different variations but you can make up a lot more with colors or stripes. Check out the Babysweaters group on Yahoo for some more neat pics of the PL pattern.

Next, I've been working on the Entrelac socks...and NO>>>I'm NOT running a drawing for these! LOL...I've had so many people ask for them...I wish I could knit faster and faster. I've finished one of the socks. It's a fun pattern to work and I'm enjoying the color changes with the Regia Clown.
The pattern is from Knitter's magazine #75. I'm knitting it on size 1's. It calls for you to work on dpn's but I found that I just kept dropping the "toothpicks" out of my work. So, I've switched over to Magic Loop. This is working well but I have to be careful that I don't get turned around and work the next square the wrong direction!
It was getting late and I didn't want to start anything new last nite, so I worked a few rows on the 2 Sticks's still in my bag...No new pic of that yet, it didn't grow enough.
Also the FLAK part for the sleeves has been posted, but I'm being good...I'm finishing something before I get going on that again. AND...some have started their Aran afghan, but I'm being good...
Just keep new project til something is new project til something is done....AHHHHHHH no,,,I gotta go cast on something!
Knit on