Thursday, October 13, 2005

WOW! has it been that long???

Gee, I've been ignoring all of you and I'm so very sorry. I've been busy with life and knitting and caring for a puggie pup who has taken over the house.
I've finished knitting an aran cardi (needs buttons), 4 baby sets (but forgot to photo 2 of them), a blanket and bootie set, a moebius basket, and a mobius cat bed (didn't work too well, wouldn't felt properly), several dishcloths for gifts and a puggie sweater! Now, I'm working on the Six Sock Knitalong pattern, Mosaic socks for October.
That's a lot of knitting!
The garden is nearly done. DH put the last fertilizer on yesterday. I've canned over 30 qts of tomatoes and frozen a lot more of zucchini, squash, and green beans. They'll taste wonderful when the snow flies. SIL and MIL made pepper relish. so we have a whole cupboard full of goodies for later.
DGS has 4 teeth now and 2 more poking thru probably later this week. He's growing so fast, He's standing up in the crib and climbing up to stand on the sofa. Won't be long, he'll be walking all over. He'll be a year old in November.
Knit on thru all crisises. Til the next time we meet.

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