Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey! I'm back here again

I've been really busy and actually forgot that I had a blog! I've designed some new patterns and they're for sale here or on Ravelry. I'm working on some Christmas knitting. here's a peek at what I'm knitting. the pattern is over on Ravelry.Yes, I know it's only September...but if I don't get going it will be like last year. I'll still be knitting on Christmas eve. I work full time in a center for mentally handicapped individuals. It's very rewarding, but also very challenging most days. We've had lots of changes in the family in the last yr. It was very sad to lose 2 of our family pets to cancers. We still have one little dog, a pug named Sophie who is very spoiled. My grandson started kindergarden and my youngest daughter graduated college. I hope to start posting more here and on Ravelry, so check back often. til next time, keep knitting

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