Saturday, January 14, 2006

2 sticks and a string ...oh my!

I'm constantly amazed at what we're able to create using just 2 sticks and a string. This was really brought to my pondering by the book...2 sticks and a string by Kerry Ferguson. I was gifted this book by my DS1 for Christmas.
While I'm trying to get my yarn and gauge correct for the new FLAK, I'm working on the Aran Cardi that is on page 36 in this book. I like that the construction method is similar to Janet Szabo's that is being used for the FLAK.
When I did the aran SOA that she had written, I realized that there are a lot more ways to work arans than just all the pieces and then try to sew them smoothly together. I like constructing things all in one piece. To me, it feels like I'm making more progress when I hold it up and it actually resembles a sweater.
The 2 sticks aran is done with a collar that the FLAk is not using. First you work the ribbing for the collar then the saddles and then continue as Janet does on her arans.
I'm posting some pics of the work in progress.
I'm using Encore on size 3 for the ribbing and size 5 for the rest. Since the book aran is quite a bit too large for me, I'm making it a bit smaller than the gauge is called for in the pattern.
I also finished a quick scarf for a friend at work. It used ribbon type yarn and galway wool and cast on 7 sts. Then I just knit every row until it was the length that I wanted. Then I put one strand of ribbon and one of wool as a fringe. Christabel really liked it and it will go with a lot of her wardrobe since she wears a lot of browns and autumn colors.
Knit on thru all crisises.

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