Saturday, January 28, 2006

saddle up and let's get knitting!

I finally made a decision...I'm using Galway 100% wool in just a plain white for my FLAK. There are several reasons for this choice.
1. While clearing out my closet and drawers, I realized that I do not own a plain white sweater.
2. Wool will wear better and longer than any acrylic.
3. It's soft and nice to the hand to knit.
4. I already have some to get started and know that I can get this again in my LYS.

So now, I have 2 arans on the go at the same time. This is a first for me...since I usually have a bunch of projects on the go...but not 2 arans at once. I usually have socks and a sweater and maybe an afghan or something for long term. Arans need more watching so they don't twist and turn the wrong ways.

I also finished a hat for a baby set gift and I'm working on a pink pr of socks for February wearing.
Birdie ( my grandson who is just over 1 yr old) got his first haircut from Mam-mam ( that's me) last nite. He's needed his bangs trimmed out of his eyes for weeks..but his mama didn't want his curls cut. finally she agreed that the little man needed to see where he's walking. Don't worry...the curls are fine...Mam-mam had strict orders....only the bangs...don't touch the back or the curls!
He was so good...he sat in his high chair and didn't even try to grab the scissors. Then everyone had to look at how cute he was...he ran all over the house showing everyone. Bab-bab (that's what he calls granpa) was called down from upstairs to see.
I also finally tried out the Sudoku puzzles....those things are HARD!
it took me 2 days to finally figure out how to do them...but now they're fun.

Back to the knitting....knit on thru all crisises.

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