Monday, March 06, 2006

Knitting away

I've been busy knitting but just haven't had time to post since I had to work this weekend.
I worked on the second entrelac sock. It's really hard to take a pic of entrelac like this. I've got the 2n'd round done. The first sock was so lonely sitting in the bag with just a ball of yarn for company!
Now they can sit together and keep each other company.

Next, progress on my FLAK, I've got the sleeves joined into the round and I was working on 2 circulars together the way you can do socks. BUT,,,ran into trouble when I tried to decrease and found that the stitch that had to go was on the other side of the wrong needle...AAAAAAARGH. So now the sleeves are again on seperate circs and waiting til I get over the angst and work on it again. I know I can do them seperately...but I'm always looking for a shortcut...maybe there aren't any in arans!
Here's the back of the 2 Sticks Aran. It had a different diamond in the middle than the fronts did. I'm enjoying the crossing cables on the sides. The trinity has been good practise for the next project.
NEXT PROJECT!!! yes, of course, I've cast on another! Did you think I wouldn't???
Here's the start of my Great American Aran Afghan for the Knit and Chat Forum on Delphi. I'm hosting this great group of knitter's as we work on the pattern together. We're knitting any square that strikes your fancy, tho as a group we can ask and get help from each other. And it's a lot easier to keep on task , if someone is asking how you're doing and what square you're working on. I'm using Encore in Blues and Greens. This is the Ginette Balanger square.
Knit on...and always cast on more!

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