Saturday, March 25, 2006

little knitting

I've been a slacker on my blog. I've been doing some little knitting but not posting much.
I'm plugging away on the sleeves of my FLAK, but not far enough to have a new pic yet.
I finished two dishcloth samples for the monthly dishcloth project on Knit and the link and go check out this forum. I think it's the best on the web. Friendly, experienced and inexperienced knitters. Lots of patterns and links and many KAL and other projects on the go all the time.
I finally finished my Entrelac socks. They feel wonderful on my feet! The entrelac stretches in different directions all over the sock so they feel nice and snug but not too tight. I also made these a little higher than I usually do. I'm finding that my calfs get so cold sitting at ball games. Tho I did not make them quite as high as the pattern called for...I was afraid that I'd run out of yarn if I did. Good thing too....I only have a little bit left...certainly not enough to have made another round on both socks.
The yarn is Regia Clown knit on size 1's.
I'm sad some of you know...I work in a nursing home in a mostly AZ unit. One of my favorite ladies is very sick and probably won't make it thru the weekend. I'm off this weekend but she's still very much in my thots. It's a case of wishing I were there and being sort of glad that I'm not. If you think of it...send up a prayer for Emily. She's lived there a very long time ( over 13 yrs) and is very old, so in lots of ways..she's ready and it will be a blessing to her to pass. But I know we'll all miss her very much in the unit.

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