Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New pictures are always fun!

I've been busy with life. High school softball is nearly over for DD2 and now she's starting ASA. This is another league of fastpitch softball. It continues thru the summer. Prom is done now. They had a wonderful time and looked really great. I won't post pics without asking her permission first.
I've been knitting away on Sam the Ram. I have his tail done now. That's the little bump on the Left side of the body. Now, I'll knit around and around until I get to the underbody and legs.

I finished knitting and felting the handbag from the Knitter's book. The handbag just needs handles. Then I'll post that pic too.

I also finished 2 pr of socks for CIC. That's a charity that knits socks, vests and sweaters for orphans in Russia. You can check it out more at the Yahoo group
I'm still sitting on sleeve island on my FLAK too. I'm beginning to believe those gorilla arms. I did finish the one sleeve and I'm on the final stretch of the second. Then I'll pick up and work down the body. I was feeling that I was falling so far behind on this project. But there are still people starting to swatch...so that made me feel a bit better. Check out the FLAK at the link on the Right of my blog.

Keep knitting!

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