Sunday, May 07, 2006

Been busy...update of life,spinning! and knitting

I've been away from "blogland" for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way. I'm still knitting away on the FLAK. I've finished one sleeve and I'm nearly 1/2 way down the other. I 'm beginning to think that I've got "gorilla" arms! It seems like I knit and knit...and the sleeve doesn't get any longer. Maybe I've got knitting gremlins who are sneaking in and "tinking" my sleeves???
I'm knitting a new bag for DD2. It's from the Knitter's dozen bags. The pic from the book is shown here. I'm doing the On Pointe Hand bag in ice cream colors. I have both sides finished and I'm working on the bottem gusset.

I've also been learning to spin. I've tried both top and bottem whorl. I like both ways so far. My first yarn is lumpy and bumpy. It's the brown Jacob shown here. This was spun on a Louet bottem whorl and then plied. It's 2 ply but very thick.

Then I spun some white Shetland top on the Louet bottem whorl. This was a mistake yarn that I fixed tho the shop owner said she didn't think it could be fixed. I spun it ok, but when I plied it...I did it backwards. The result was a really curly yarn that wouldn't "stick" together. So DH and MIL helped me pull it apart and I re plied it. This is the finished result. Pretty good if I do say so!

I also started to spin a Blue swirled Merino.
This is wonderfully soft and spins smooth like butter! I'm using top whorl with this roving.
Both the white and the blue are a much better attempt. They are about a sock wt yarn so far as a single. When I ply, I got a sport wt on the white. I expect about the same sport wt with the blue.
I'm also working on Sam The Ram. As if I need more projects! I started him yesterday, this morning I finished the neck wedge. Now that's fast knitting! He's very detailed and you need to count the sts frequently. The pattern so far is well written and easy to follow. There's a yahoo group doing this pattern as a KAL. And if I could get blogger to work...You could see the pic! But I've tried a bunch of times and the pic won't load. Maybe next time....
That's about it for now...happy knitting and spinning.

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