Thursday, April 07, 2005

Running down the Rabbit trail

I haven't been blogging...because I've been busy creating! I finally got some pictures to put here.
I finished another felted bag. I made up the pattern as I knit along. This is using more "spring-like" colors. DD#2 also said it needed a long shoulder strap, so that's what went on this one. Hopefully, she doesn't want to borrow it! I'm pleased to see that she's actually using the one that I made for her a while back. I still have more wool so I may make another for a gift for a friend.
I started to work on a granny square afghan, but I'm using a different layout. Instead of just joining all the squares, I'm joining them into strips then putting the connecting color around the strip then joining the strips to finish it. I'm using Windsor blue for the connecting color.
Also I started to do Noah's Ark animals for my GS, Buster. I've finished a few, 2 lions, an elephant, Noah and Mrs. Noah, 2 chickens, 2 rabbits and a cat that DH says looks like a giant mouse! I'm using several patterns to accomplish the animals. The House of White Birches puts out a nice crochet leaflet with 7 animals, Noah and Mrs and the ark. I'm using an old Needlecraft magazine for some animals like farm type, the cat, cow, horse, pig. I'm also using Jan Messent's Knitted Garden to make smaller animals like the rabbit, squirrel, and birds. Altogether, it will take a while to make, but I'm sure that our little fellow will enjoy all the variety of animals when he's older. He's just 4 1/2 months now, so I have plenty of time to make this for him. I hope to have it done for his 1st birthday in November. That's "IF" I don't go running down any more rabbit trails and get off this project!

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