Monday, March 28, 2005

Busy knitting and (horrors!) crocheting!

I still haven't had any time to get the camera back from DS1. So sorry, still no pictures to post.
but on the flip side, I've been busy. Worked the last 4 days and knitting on an afghan. It's the SARCA afghan from here.
It's an easy to memorize pattern. I'm using up some old leftovers. You hold two colors together as you knit a square. Makes it nice and thick. I'm hoping to take it to all the softball games here in the early spring. It's awful cold sitting there not running the show. This is the first yr in the last 9 that I haven't helped coach in some capacity. I haven't decided yet if I like just watching. But it's definately a lot colder! Spring comes late here in Central PA.
Then I'll have it for the band season in the fall. Maybe I better make it 4x thick!
Also I'm working on an easy granny square afghan with the even smaller leftovers from the SARCA.
I'm also helping a friend at work who is just learning to crochet. She's already finished a baby afghan and is working on another! She's using the granny square pattern. so as soon as I get some pictures, you will all see the current projects.

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