Monday, October 04, 2010

cold, wet and cell phone cozies pattern link included!

It's a cold wet rainy day. I'm already missing summer and my pool! these are great days to work on knitting. last nite when my DD Caiti was here I gave her the little phone cosy that I made from this pattern
this is the pattern's picture, not mine, as DD grabbed it before I ever got to take a picture! I was showing her how nicely it would fit the phone since we have the same model and she says " wow, can I keep it?" do you today, I'm starting another. I used sock yarn and it doesn't take much so you can use leftovers. I was thinking on the way to work that I could just use any sock pattern that had 48 sts. so I may make up a few more in different patterns. I actually need to make 2 for me. I want one to protect my ipod too so it's not bumping around the bottem of my tote bag.
the living room is bare and echoes when we talk. DH took all the things off the walls so I guess we'll be ready to paint later this week. gotta go make supper.
til next time..keep knitting.

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