Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

today's Columbus holiday was good. I'm a state worker so it's a paid day off and that makes it even better! I've had a busy day. started off with the electric inspector at 9:30...we didn't pass again just because there was a little screw that was sposed to be laying in the bottem of the breaker box ready to reattach the power and somewhere along the got lost. so she has to come back again tomorrow. hopefully we'll pass as this is her 4th trip back here. then the power company will turn off the power, switch the meter and turn on again. then we can rewire. so's not nearly done. then I found that my puter died sometime in the night and had to pull the plug and put another here to use in the meantime til my oldest son can work his magic and fix it again. so I paid some bills and played with this computer to get it working properly.
then we worked on the inside wiring for a while. can't get the one wire to go back thru the hole that the old one came out of (of course).
had the dog to the vet this evening . she's healthy and we're trying a different diet for her skin and fur. she was very good. tho she sat on my lap and low growled at the other dogs in the waiting room.
I did get another sock done for my little sock project last nite while we watched the Phillies game. I hope to get 25 done for an advent line. I now have 6 so I better get knitting. I just need more ball games to watch! the Phillies swept the Reds in 3 games and now they wait to see who they play next. go phillies!
til next time...keep knitting

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