Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exams..good and bad

We’re still working on the house, after finishing the living room, we started to tear apart my entry room. This is where my desk, hubby’s desk, gun cabinet and other assorted items sit. It’s where you enter my house and gets lots of casual use. We have both our computers on the desks and they seem to catch all the clutter and dropped items as everyone comes inside. We have our computers on a network so that all 4 of us can be on at one time. Right now both desks are in the newly finished room since the floor, ceiling and walls are being redone. My house is about 100 yrs old and I think the folks that did any work before us were even more unskilled than we are because we’re finding so many mess ups. There were 4 floor coverings, a carpet, 2 linoleums, and an oil cloth floor all over top of each other! We’re going to paint walls and stairs first then put the ceiling back up and then the moulding. Yes, we’re going to have another go at cutting crown moulding.

Last week I had my mammogram. Thought everything was ok and then yesterday I got a call that the Doctor saw “something” on the films and could I go have it done again. I’ve been lucky 3 times that I’ve had biopsy and no cancer so of course I jumped on the worry train and wondered if my luck was over. They re-did the test this morning and said “ok, you’re good to go” Does this mean I’m lucky again…or just that the pictures were good? I’m just waiting to find out if all’s good. Pray for me if you think of me.

On the knitting front, I’m working on a pattern of fingerless mitts to go with the Brambles hat. Once I have the bugs worked out, I’ll publish it. Stay tuned for updates. til next time….keep knitting.

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