Monday, November 01, 2010

A day off

After working 30 hrs in the last 2 days, today was a nice break. Of course there’s always laundry and the house to catch up doing chores. but still I can do that in my sweats and socks. I did take a bit of time to work on clearing out my old computer and adding all my stuff on the new one. When oldest DS got a new computer, I got the old one. but I have absolutely no luck and crashed in within the first 2 weeks! thank goodness he’s a near IT man and was able to work on it and now it’s back up and running. I’m using a new email program and a new program to blog. this is being done on Windows LIVE. He tells me that it does a lot more so I’ll be playing around for a while to figure out exactly how it all works. I took some time while all the things were being transferred to do some knitting. I started the Bramble hat from Knitty. bramblesTOP  if you do go get the free pattern…remember to download the chart for the cables. I unfortunately did not do this last week when I grabbed the pattern and so when I was away from home with needles and yarn in hand….couldn’t work on it because I had no chart! darn…darn and rats even! didn’t really matter. I was able to start the ribbing and I’m still on it. I did get the chart today and have it all ready so when I do reach that point. I’m ready to go forward. I’m using Paton’s classic wool in the color Water Chestnut. It’s a soft pink yarn. I find so many great things on the web that I often forget to actually knit!  I also finished making the little swirls for the top of my Mesa hat.  I just need to sew them on the top and it will be ready for my grandson. My car is on the blink again. DS and DH are out in the cold working on it. They are the best guys! It’s only about 44 degrees out and they’re on the ground fixing it. New water pump, fuel pump (I think) timing chain and some other assorted parts. I shudder to think what I’d pay a garage if they weren’t so handy. Well, off to work on my hat. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get the cable part going…..til next time, keep knitting.

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