Wednesday, November 10, 2010

work and wonders

Well, the renovation continues. We’ve finished the living room! It took dear Hubby and I 8 hours to figure out how to cut and install crown moulding…yes it’s a B***H!!! I guess we’re both math challenged not to mention that we were trying to do it with hand tools and not a power saw. But we cut it and then re-cut it and re-cut it again until it was right. of course I had to look it up on the internet to find that we were doing it all wrong. It’s up and painted, the woodwork is done and the carpet installed. I’m not very good at cutting carpet either. again that whole math challenge thing comes into play. we laid it down and I thot I was cutting it about 3” long and of course it was 1” too SHORT! well, thankfully Dear Hubby can fix most anything and he took care of it for me. There are 2 wooden rockers, an office chair and a tv on a wooden stand in there now. we don’t have any other furniture and I don’t plan to buy any yet. We need to move all the furniture from the next room into there so we need the space. 

November is a month of birthdays for our family, we have one every weekend. We celebrated Caiti’s birthday on Sunday, she turned 21. I’m so proud of her, she’s graduated her nursing course and will soon take her licensing board test. I did finish the  Bramble hat and gave her that for her gift. She really liked it. It is Paton’s Classic Wool. Photo0274Photo0276  

I also gave dear Grandson, Beanz, his hat. he wanted the squiggly’s on top so we put 3 of them on for him. I wasn’t sure if he would like them or not so I asked first. Photo0278His birthday is coming this weekend, but it’s supposed to get cold before that so he got it early. Now I need another gift for him because of course 6yr olds don’t count hats as gifts! I have something in mind that I know he’ll like.

I bought 2 new patterns for hats and mittens so I need to get busy. For Hubby and Son, I got the Balaclava hat and gloves from patternfish   PATTERNFISH - Men's Balaclava, Ribbed Hat and Gloves  and sweedish mittens from Ravelry   ravelry Swedish Fish by SpillyJane  . stay tuned for pics soon.  I have the next 2 days off. Going to have Beanz for a bit tomorrow and then Friday have the dreaded yearly Mammogram. I’ve had several cancer scares so I really need not to put this off any longer. Had my eyes checked yesterday, guess I’m getting old( at least that’s what the dr said) needed new glasses of course. Hope nothing else falls apart soon.

Til next time …keep knitting.

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N. Maria said...

Beautiful Bramble Hat! I love using Patton's Classic Wool.
The Patternfish Hat is really nice, too!