Sunday, November 21, 2010

Overwhelmed and undertimed (is that word?)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I’ve got a to-do list way Photo0306longer than my free time.

as you can see there’s not much crossed out! all must be done by Wednesday. I’ve been working on painting in the entry room. There’s way more woodwork than you’d imagine once you start painting it all. Just take a look around your own room, all the windows, doors, archways, baseboards and if there are stairs…the spindles, side baseboards, steps and rising faces. not to mention the handrails and posts. I’ve already spent the better part of 3 evenings and half of another day painting the wood. All of it needed a second coat. I just need to paint the spindles with the contrast color and I’ll be good for now. I plan to paint the center of the stair spindles the color of the walls.  I do need to paint the outside of the door but that’s not as vital to finish the room. Photo0305 Tomorrow I’ll paint the walls then we can install the ceiling and maybe the moulding before Thanksgiving. I will not paint on Wednesday since I’ll need to bake pies. and of course Thursday will be the big dinner and football! We’re eating here with 3 of my kids and some of their S.O.’s and my grandson. The girls and I have to work so it will be up to Hubby and Son to cook. this works for us, they’ve done the meal for the last couple of years. I always work the holiday and we eat at supper time. Photo0307 I do have to be careful to save up enough “points” for the big dinner and dessert. I’m losing weight on Weight Watchers and want to be careful thru the holidays not to gain back what I’ve lost. I’m hoping that I’ve found a weight loss buddy, one of the girls at work is interested and we may help keep each other on track.

I haven’t had much knitting time, I’m still working on the pattern for the mitts, hopefully when I get this paint work done, I’ll have time to work on them more.

til next time, keep knitting

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