Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm baaaaaack.....

It's SO FAST!!!! We upgraded to cable internet yesterday. DS1 was up very late getting everything working . There are still cables strung in places they are not to stay permanently....but WOW! this is so fast!
I'm very impressed with the speed and connection. I even feel very computer smart this morning...I actually managed to set up the email by myself!
this is really impressive since I didn't have directions!
I haven't taken any new pics of my FLAK but it's coming along. I'm working on the 2 fronts together. So later this week I'll probably get it finished down to the underarm part and then I'll get some new pics up.
for will have to be happy with a new puggie pic. Sophie is now 7 months old...the cat (Lucy..tho she's a he...male cat with a dumb name) is 4 yrs old...The cat is about 22 lbs. So he really outweighs the puggie. But they run and chase each other all day. This pic is one of the few times they're sitting still....The puggie was trying to get the cat going again...and needless to didn't take much!

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