Monday, February 06, 2006

Email me and Flak and teeth

For some reason, the wonderful people that are commenting are not receiving my replies. I've been trying to reply to each of you that are posting comments. But the email is just being returned to me. :( this is so sad!
I'm trying to reach Loren concerning the Gladys Thompson Book but the email is saying "annonymous unable to reply"
Please Loren, if you're out there, email me thru your regular email program.
I've got my Flak back done just in time to start the next part which came out this morning. I don't think I'll get to it tonite tho.
Please remember to pray for me tomorrow...I'm getting a tooth pulled and I'm very stressed about it all. So today, I'm keeping very busy cleaning up and doing laundry so that dear hubby won't have to do it later this week.

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