Tuesday, February 21, 2006

project CLOG completion

Well...I had a little time and a lot of wool...so here's the completed felted clogs.

Pre felting, they look like they'd fit a giant wearing flippers!

Post felting, they actually fit the feet that they're made for.
The recipient is my DD 1, She had to try them on as they were shrinking...some of the comments...
OOOOhhh. they're yucky feeling, wet and slimy! Will they really shrink enough? remember to take them out, mom....don't want them too small...When can I wear them?
YEAH! I like the last one best! They currently sitting on the kitchen table with newspaper stuffed inside to help them dry.
It may take a little longer because the appliance saga continues....now, the FURNACE has gone out! Late last nite, DH realized it was getting awfully cold in the house and when it wouldn't turn on he went to check the pilot light in the furnace. He wasn't able to relight it so at 2am he came to wake me to ask if I would call someone...well...who's going to come at that time of nite????
So at 7 am I was on the phone with the furnace man. The house didn't get too terribly cold. I had my gas oven on high and a space heater. The furnace man came around 11 am and re lite the pilot and changed a part...but about 1/2 hr later...it was cold again in the house...and guess what??? NO PILOT again.
So he came back and said we need to change the furnace. They'll install one tomorrow.
I'm glad it's not in the single digits and windy...or my house would be very cold now.
OH>>>WELL>>>>life goes on as usual
Knit on thru ALL crisises....

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