Friday, February 17, 2006

NEW pics and New projects

I've been a very busy knitter....just can't resist starting new projects...even without completing the already in progress ones...tho I've been good...I'm still working on the WIP's.
Here's some new pics. First, the continued saga of the 2 Sticks...I've got the back stitches picked up now. and started to work the patterns. They're worked to the underarm then I'll pick up the fronts again and join under the arms to work the body.

Next, I've turned the heel of the entrelac sock. This is a bit of a variation from the pattern as written. I don't like the afterthot heel, so I'm turning the heel now and then continuing as if I had used a waste yarn line to hold the heel sts. I will return to the entrelac blocs for the foot part as written in the pattern. It looks a bit funny in the pic, because there's no way to hold the heel open as it will on my foot and still take a good pic.

AND next....I've started a NEW project. I needed a pair of felt clogs for a gift to someone who just won't keep her socks on. So for the last few days, I've been trying to purchase the Fiber trend clog pattern. I found it yesterday and started right in! I'm using Galway wool since I know how well that will felt. Pink is her current favorite color so these had to be PINK!...doesn't it just scream PINK!!! I showed them to her last nite and she was thrilled...says Hurry up so I can wear them! Don't worry...her feet ARE NOT this big...they will shrink up wonderfully and actually fit when done....right now they look like BIG foot clogs. and you'd think she wore about a size 25 shoe. NO, she's not 8 ft tall with that big of feet.

Last but not least...I will be hosting an afghan along on Knit and Chat using the Knitter's pattern for the GREAT AMERICAN ARAN AFGHAN.
If you'd like to join us in the knitting...come over and check it out. Of course, I'll be posting my pics along the way. So stop back and enjoy the show.

And NOW>>>an update on the electric issues...yesterday...I killed the coffee maker...wouldn't turn on to make the coffee...and ALSO killed my alarm clock, couldn't set the time last nite...I think I will go back to no may be safer!
Knit on thru all crisises.

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