Thursday, February 02, 2006

Progress on Sticks and Flak and life in general

I've been working hard on the 2 Sticks Aran. So far, I've completed the fronts down to the armholes. Now, I'll hold them on strings and work the back to the same depth. The color isn't true to life on here tho. It's a gray/ green color that is really pretty. But the photo looks very dark gray. I like the texture of the Encore at this gauge. It's solid, but not too heavy. The cream colored SOA that I did earlier in my blog, is also Encore. But it's knit at a bigger gauge and it's a bit more soft and loose. I plan to use this 2 Sticks as a jacket in the spring, so the tighter fabric will be welcome.

I've also been working on the FLAK. I'm not quite finished with the back but here's a picture anyway. I think I saw on the posts that the next part will come out on Saturday, so I'm trying to get this done this week and be ready to move on to the front. I'm thinking it will be a cardigan so I plan to knit the fronts a bit differently. I'll probably remove the center horseshoe to make the front bands. I saw someone post that they're making a V neck. I'm hoping there are instructions for a regular neck, since I don't wear V's. I'll just have to wait and see. I'm so pleased with the cables that Janet chose for this project. They're very easy to memorize and not have to keep watching a pattern. The only thing that I changed from her design, was that I didn't do the wave cable, I just kept turning the 6 st rope in the same direction to make it a regular rope cable. Since I'm already doing the double wave on my 2 sticks aran, I didn't want them to look too similar. I think the white is turning out very nicely. I did have a bit of trouble thinking I wanted a color instead...but there's always the next one for that!...yep...already thinking ahead to the NEXT aran.....they're like potato chips...can't make just one!

On the home front...Birdie is getting 2 upper molars...and he's been a miserable little fellow the last few days....I almost wish that babies came with dentures or full teeth! It sure would save a lot of fussing. And poor DH has been sick all week with a stomach bug. This time he's been down for quite a few days. Thankfully , no one else has gotten it.

High school Softball practise has started inside for DD2. She's a sophmore this yr and played on the JV team last yr. Since the coach from last year retired, they got a new head coach, and she's been working them hard right from the start. On Tuesday they started using exercises called Biometrics to help build endurence and strength. This involves a lot of "jumping around" as DD2 says. They jump rope...then jump over cones...then jump steps ...then jump onto things in higher and higher successions. She thot she was in good shape until she met up with these exercises! They really whooped her good! Poor little girly...she can hardly move even this morning. Thankfully, she said, the coach only plans for them to do the exercises once a week. She said a lot of girls came out to the first weeks practises...we'll see how many last thru the hard stuff until they actually see who will make the team in a few weeks.

knit on thru all crisises.

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