Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Entrelac socks info

For some dumb reason, I'm unable to reply to comments thru my email. So this is for all of you who emailed me with questions on the socks.
The yarn I used in the Entrelac socks is called Regia, it's a Ringel color. this particular color is #5048 63151 The back of the label says Farbe Partie. It's called Clown.
You can buy it here
but I'm in the US and the Canadian shipping was a little high. That's why I had my friend find it for me.
the pattern that I'm using is from Knitter's magazine # K75 Summer 2004. The issue is still available here
The patten is called A Step Above
I hope this answers all the questions. Thanks for visiting. Please keep commenting...and check back here for the reply. If you email me thru your own regular program and not Blogger...Then I can reply directly.

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