Saturday, March 05, 2005

End of the week update

Well, here it is Saturday nite, let's see what I've done this week. I was sick most of the week with a nasty headcold and sinus junkiness. So while I sat on the couch on my franny, I kept busy knitting.
Finished a baby sweater for my GS: It's the striped whale sweater from FCEK. I changed it a little as usual. I added a button band on the shoulder to make it easier to dress the little darling. And I didn't put the little boat on the front, just the whale and 2 little fishies.
Finished a pair of socks for me. They're Socketta Disco yarn. It's self striping yarn in oranges and black and white color. They fit really well...but the heel is wearing thin after only 2 wearings. I may have to reinforce the heels.
Worked on another baby sweater for a church gift. It seems that about 6 people are having babies between now and September. I have one done and the second worked to the underarms. I'm using a zip up the back hooded sweater pattern. It's knitted in one piece from the hood down.
It's been a busy knitty week.

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