Friday, March 04, 2005

A Whole New World

I'm taking tiny baby steps into a whole new world of blogging. I've been computer friendly for quite a few years, but never started a blog until now. I'm not sure exactly why. I plan to talk mostly knitting tho I'm sure some other things will sneak in here at times too.
I'm deep into knitting at the moment. I've been knitting for about 30+ years. I do other crafts like crochet, cross stitch and quilting tho at the moment the knitting bug has bitten me.
I like to knit socks and baby items mostly at the moment. I've just finished hosting a Great Sock Adventure to teach others to knit socks on the Delphi Forum, Knit & Chat. We had about 40 knitters sign up and around 15 complete their sock project. I plan to host another sock along near the end of April. If anyone is interested, come over and visit us at Knit & Chat.

The sock that we knit was an internet pattern and there are some of the completed socks on my Yahoo album under Knit and Chat Adventure. Here's the link to the album.

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