Saturday, March 19, 2005

Giftie sweater done

Finished the next in the series of giftie sweaters. 3 done, about 5 to go! I'm knitting a second MDD scarf. This one using the sockotta yarn from my orange striped socks on size 10's. It's turning out lacy and looks nice so far.
Today we spent shopping, DD needed a lot of new softball gear for the High School team. We looked in about 6 stores for a mitt that she liked since she blew out the palm of the old one this week at practise. And new cleats, since the ones we got a few weeks ago don't fit really well. Hope this time all the gear is right.
New mitt, cleats, sweat suit (in the right color), palm guard, undershirt, and a new bag to carry it all in!
Geez, I hope she's soon done shopping!
Now, I can spend the evening knitting....yeah!

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