Sunday, March 06, 2005

Movie knitting

I'm just not a movie person most of the time. All I have to do to fall asleep is to turn on a movie. They usually don't hold my interest. But put my knitting in my hands.....We watched King Arthur today and I finished both sleeves of the giftie baby sweater. All the way to the cuffs! About 12" of knitting in the round on dpns. I'm using a varigated blue/green/aqua and the hooded zip up back baby sweater. It's worked down to the underarms and now the sleeves are done too. I just need to do the tummy part and it will be ready for the zipper. This is the second of about 7 for church gifts. It seems almost all of the younger couples are having babies this year. I've been knitting this same pattern for about 25 yrs. I made some when my boys were born and the oldest is 24. Everyone seems to like it and it's easy enough to actually watch a movie and not mess it up.

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