Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wild Weather and finished projects

The weather today has been really wild! It started out raining very hard this morning, then it changed to snow. Now the sun is shining. But it got a lot colder. I had some visitors to the birdie feeder. The one big one sits on my feeder then hangs upside down to get some seeds out. He brought 2 other friends but the feeder was his to command! When the others tried to get up on top. He pushed them off. I only got a pic of the King of the feeder. The others ran away when I flashed the camers.
The finished project today is the 2nd giftie sweater. It turned out a little bigger than I planned. But that will allow growing room for the baby to wear it a bit longer. DD who is 15 picked the color. It's quite bright! Now to start giftie sweater #3 or maybe to try to finish those Sassy socks. I worked on them this morning a bit. I'm up to the gussets working them toe up on 2 circulars.

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