Thursday, March 10, 2005

Giftie Sweaters...a series of 7

Well...vacation days are made for knitting. I had to use it or lose it. So I took 2 vacation days this week. Aside from spending 15 timer minutes each day working on the cluttered attic ( see ), I've been working on the next in the giftie sweater series. I'm on #3. This is in a varigated color that has pink/ yellow/green/blue/purple....a real variety yarn. I'm down to the underarms again, with both sleeves done. This color looks girly, so it's a swingy body style. On the boys sweater, I just work down and rib the bottem. I'll probably finish it tomorrow nite or Saturday, then I'll post a pic.
Oh, and the best news of the day....DD made the high school softball team! She's been working so hard at practise and pitching. Today they posted the cut list. YEAH! She's on the team! So we had to celebrate with brownies with M&Ms and vanilla ice cream on top for dessert.
Hard on my weight watchers diet...but well worth it!

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