Monday, March 07, 2005

Some days you feel like a nut...somedays you don't

I'm not just a new computer user...but somedays you just feel dumb. First of all...I just can't seem to remember my name and passwords for all these new things that I'm trying to learn at one time. I'm trying to put these really nice pictures on this blog so that everyone can see them. And to do that, I need to learn this new blog program and also the new picture program and the new upload program. I'm usually a fast learner...but then, I usually read the directions too. So maybe that's part of the problem. Since I've been around the computer for a long time and windows programs with all the buttons that are nearly dummy proof....I figured I could wing this and get the pics in the right places without reading all the instructions....WELL...DING DONG! I'm wrong! I finally did get some of my pictures up here. But I guess I better slow down and actually read the instructions so that I can do it easier next time. But then sometimes....the instructions just aren't very clear either! So maybe feeling like a nut really doesn't apply. The instruction writer was the nut....I'm just the chocolate coating!

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