Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today's project

All right, I'm a sucker for a good pattern and they've got one on the go at Knit and Chat.
I've been reading all the posts about the Multi Directional Diagonal Scarf Knitalong that they're doing over there. So this morning I cast on with the leftover Sassy Stripe yarn from my sock project. It really knits up quickly on size 7"s with the sock yarn. I finished it this afternoon and it was promptly claimed by my DD#2. She says "cool, it matches my socks!"
So, I guess I have to make another if I expect to actually wear one myself! This pattern is like potato can't make just one!
Go to Knit and Chat and take a look, maybe you'd like to make one yourself....but be careful. You can't make just one!

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